Ivory Key Repair: We can repair your old chipped ivory keys.

Previously, if one of your prized ivory keys was chipped, you would either have to replace all your keys with new plastic (because ivory is illegal) or replace that one key with an ivory taken off of another piano; something which rarely worked because colours are never the same.

But now, through the use precision dental tools and plastic filling material, we can match your ivory colour perfectly and repair chips the same way a dentist makes a filling. Our teeth are made of ivory too. It will make your ivory keys beautiful again!


If you don't live in British Columbia, mail us your individual keys and we can repair them in our shop and mail them back. Call us at 604.988.4666 if you have any more questions.

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Piano Repairs & Rebuilding

We can easily spot if your piano is in need of repair and will discuss all financial options with you such as using used or new parts, and we will make clear whether it is essential to repair your piano. Often, when a piano is shipped from the factory, it isn't set up properly so the piano doesn't reach its full potential. 

Piano repairs are most often to the piano action itself. Therefore, if your piano requires repair, we will just remove the action and work on it in the shop, leaving your piano in your home or studio and looking just as it always would. We work on all aspects of the piano action to make it the best playing piano possible. After your piano action has been repaired in the shop, we will re-install it into your piano and do a final regulation and make sure your piano is in tune.

Keeping your piano action working well is essential for a well playing piano. The mechanisms influence the tone and touch of the piano greatly. Also, if one part of your piano is not working properly, it can make other parts deteriorate more quickly than normal. For example, if your key bushings are worn (a common occurrence) the side to side movement in the keys can loosen the pins, or joints, in the whippens of the piano action. 

Our most popular repair service for modern pianos includes polyester finish repairs for cracked or chipped services.

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