Piano Accessories

We manufacture piano strings and sell piano wire. We can service the piano industry and private customers. To place an order please contact us.

Piano Strings

We custom manufacture bass strings for pianos both for private customers and other piano companies. 

Piano Hammers & Dampers

Our piano hammers are from the Renner company and are of only the highest quality. We sell hammers for all common piano makes in either 
pre-drilled or original sets. 

Piano Key Tops

We can replace old damaged Ivory key tops with high quality plastic key tops. We can match the colour perfectly!

Castors (with installation)

Ever have trouble moving your piano? New casters can make that job much easier as factory casters are often of poor quality. We install the highest quality, made in Germany, solid brass casters. On grande pianos, these large casters can also help counter the force of the strings on the piano creating more stability and a better sound. If you are considering a small upgrade on your piano, new casters would be well worth considering. 

Piano Wire

We sell piano wire on both a per-meter and a spool basis, depending on availability. We stock all sizes for most pianos. we sell to movie stunt companies, piano firms, and private customers. 

Piano Repair Tools 

We also supply tools and equipment for piano technicians. Contact us or click here for more information on available tools. 

​Piano Action Parts

At B.C. Pianocraft, we sell and install only the highest quality level of Renner action parts. The best in the business. Parts are available for all common piano makes. 

​Piano Pedals

Broken pedals can be welded or replaced with a new set. Parts are available for all common piano makes. 

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