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Johann Krebs, Master Craftsman & Piano Technician

​About Our Piano Tunings

Experienced piano technician Johann Krebs, President of B.C. Pianocraft Ltd. follows BCPC's educational and performance level standards in his tunings. These standards apply to the tuning, preparation, and set-up of study, teaching and performance pianos. All styles, upright and grand pianos benefit.

The dynamic tone and the clearly focused pitch bring out the full potential of the piano overcoming many problems of an acoustical nature and of limitations sometimes encountered in some pianos. 

Access the musical potential of your piano with BCPC's educational and performance level piano tuning. These tunings, lay the basis for fast and efficient learning, effective teaching and convincing performance.

Photo Credit: Erica Chan

Types of Piano Tunings Available

Each piano tuning from BC Pianocraft includes a full inspection of your piano and its playing capabilities. We use a combination of computer tuning programs and our own ear to ensure both accurate tunings and a warm smooth tone. A piano tuning can take from 2-3 hours because we need to make several passes of all the strings to ensure a quality tuning. We will also vacuum all the dust from your piano and do any spot repairs on it.

If, through our examination of your piano, we discover areas that need to be repaired, we will discuss all aspects of the repair job with you. A general description of available repair work and prices is given in the repairs section.

​Various levels of piano tuning are available:

Home Enjoyment

This piano tuning fulfills the needs of the pianist who loves music as a hobby. 


This tuning is a step-up and meets standards for teaching and learning to play the piano, regulating the piano so that learning becomes more enjoyable for the student, allowing the student to focus on the musical aspects of the piano. 

Professional Performance and Recording

The Performance level tuning is what we do for all concert halls and concert grande pianos. It brings out the singing quality of the piano and focuses on its strengths as an instrument. 

When performers Elton John, Sarah McLachlan and Alfred Brendel need the best sound for studio recordings they have called upon the expertise of BC Pianocraft.